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هــــنــــدبــــال و داوری


قوانین هندبال ساحلی ENG:

Rules of Game - Beach Handball

Rule 1 -- The Land of Game

The game land must be compound of sand, rectangular form and with the following dimensions (to see diagram):

Goal Door without equal which in the rules of the IHF: they measure 3x2 meters; square posts are recommended.

Rule 2 -- Time of Game

  • Two periods of 10 minutes each one, with a rest of 5 minutes.
  • The game begins every period by means of a referee serve  (To see Rule 10).
  • A died time of a minute of duration by equipment and period.
  • In case of tie at the end of the first period, the winner of this one by means of a "Sudden Death" decrees itself (the equipment that marks first is the winner you decide).
  • In case of tie at the end of the second period, a "turn of penalties" must be made (one against the goalkeeper).

Rule 3 -- The Ball

  • Of adherent soft material, with spherical form.
  • Stature 2 for men
  • Stature 1 for women
  • Adaptations for scholastic categories will become
  • For the correct development of a party, it is recommended to have, at least, three balls according to the rules.

Rule 4 -- The Players

  • An equipment is formed by a maximum of 8 players.
  • Each equipment has three players of field and a goalkeeper on the game land, during the time of game.
  • The players who are not on the game land are players reserves (To see rule IHF 4,1)
  • All the players must play barefoot.

Rule 5 -- The GoalKeeper

  • He allows himself him to play like field player.
  • If a goal is obtained by the goalkeeper like field player, an extra point is granted  (To see rule 9).
  • After any goal, the party is started again by means of a goalkeeper serve from its own goal area (the rights of the goalkeeper are reflected in rules IHF 5,11 and 5,12)

Rule 6 -- Goal Area

  • In Beach Handball, a "ball died" on the goal area (rolling or stopped on this one can be played by a player of field with the hands, if this one does not touch the goal area with its feet.

Rule 7 -- How the Ball Can Gamble

  • In Beach Handball, it is allowed to send itself to by the ball, that is rolling or stopped.
  • The ball cannot be left in the ground more than three and soon to be gathered by the same player.

Rule 8 -- The Behavior with the Opposite

  • Just as in rule IHF, but a strict interpretation of this rule in certain situations is necessary (p.ej. in an attempt to obtain goal)

Rule 9 -- The Goal

  • Each obtained goal will count a point.  If one obtains to a goal by means of a reception and launching during a same jump ("fly"), two points will be granted.  In case of obtaining to a goal by means of a double "fly", three points will be obtained.  The goals obtained by the goalkeeper will grant to the equipment that marks a point more than the obtained ones by the field players, except those goals obtained from the interior of its own goal area (1 point), by means of penalty or the system of "one against the goalkeeper" (1 point, during the phase of jump 2 points).
  • 1-0La will be granted to a point to the winning equipment of the first period (second half begins with the 0-0 result just as the first period. If an equipment gains both periods, gains the party (2-0).  On the contrary, if each equipment gains a period (1-1), the system of "one against the goalkeeper" will gamble.
  • System of "one against the goalkeeper":  In case of tie at the end of the second period (1-1), all the players, including the doormen, must play the system of "one against the goalkeeper".  The equipment will be alternated to dispute this system.  According to the tiebrake system, the goalkeeper receives the ball of his companion, who is in one of the inner corners (in the crossing of the lines of band with the line of the goal area), after the touch of whistle of the referee.  The goalkeeper can choose to pass the ball to his companion or to try to mark directly (2 points).  Nevertheless, he must happen or send in the three second following ones to the reception of the ball.  The ball cannot touch the ground before being received by the field player, that can move freely by the game land.  If the player receives the ball without this one has touched the ground, it can play against the defending goalkeeper to try to obtain a goal according to the rules.  The ball can touch the ground before entering portería.  It is allowed the attacking goalkeeper to leave his area of portería after the touch of whistle of the referee and to return to enter.  In case of an unlawful conduct in relation to the "Behavior with the Opposite" of the defending goalkeeper, two points will be granted to the other equipment.  In the beginning, the captains will name five players of each equipment to make this tiebrake.  If the party follows tied after to have acted the five players of each equipment, the tiebrake will continue with a player more of each equipment until obtaining a tiebrake (the order of the players must rely on the rules of the corresponding match).

Rule 10 --Serve of Center

  • Unlike rules IHF, every period of the party it begins with a referee serve; as result of this serve, is allowed to pass the ball to the own goalkeeper.  After the attainment of a goal, the party is started again with a serve of portería made by the goalkeeper who has fitted the goal, without concerning the situation of the rest of players.

Rule 11 -- Serve of Band

  • Just as in rule IHF, with the only exception of which it is not allowed to directly obtain a goal from the line of band that delimits the goal area of the defending equipment.

Rule 12 -- Serve of Goal

  • Just as in rule IHF

Rule 13 -- Frank Blow

  • Difference with rule IHF 13.5: in a frank blow, the opposites must stay to more of a meter of the thrower.  If the frank blow must be executed in the line of the goal area, the thrower must be delayed a meter. If the opposites are not placed to defend, the thrower can at any time execute the blow from the correct place (place where the lack was committed or to a meter of distance of the line of the Goal Area).

Rule 14 -- Shoot of 6 (instead of 7) Meters

  • The only difference with rule IHF is the distance (6 meters instead of 7); it must be executed from the center of the line of the goal area.

Rule 15 -- Reefere Serve

  • It is only made at the beginning of every period of game; it is executed according to rule IHF

Rule 16 -- General trainings for the execution of shoots (serve of center, serve of band, removes from goal, frank blow and 7 meters shoot)

  • Igual que la regla IHF

Rule 17 -- The Sanctions

  • In Beach Handball only there are two sanctions in case of infractions in relation to the "Behavior with the Opposite", unlawful protests or changes:  a point is granted to the opposite equipment.
  • In case of disqualification of a player, two points are granted to the opposite equipment (the sanctioned equipment can continue playing with the complete number of players)
  • Two points to the attacking equipment in a situation of "one against the goalkeeper" are granted when the defending goalkeeper defends on the contrary incorrectly, without there is necessarily disqualification (see rule 9)

Rule 18 -- The Reeferes

  • Just as rule IHF, but not necessarily following the specifications for Beach Handball
  • Gestures of the referees: Gestures 1-11, 13, 17 and 18 correspond with gestures IHF; gesture 12 for the goal must be executed raising a hand showing 1, 2 or 3 according to the number of points that must be granted; signals 14-16 for the sanctions must be executed showing to a thumb downwards (1 point less) or both thumbs downwards (2 points less)
  • Regulation relative to the Zone of Changes (Annexed to Rule 4)
    All the line of band except those sections that comprise of the areas of portería conforms the zone of change.  The players reserve must seat after the line of band, an equipment to a game land side, and the other equipment in the opposite side; it is not necessary to change of side in the second period; the goalkeeper must enter or always leave the game land to make a change by the line of band, in the section that comprises of its own goal area.



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